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. >> hello, i'm kelly wright welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm marianne rafferty.
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faa offering new guidelines to prevent air traffic controllers from falling asleep. >> new details emerging about the alleged secrets and lies surrounding the woman who accused former imf chief dominique strauss-khan of rape. >> start your engines. we've got the best deals on american-made cars from consumer reports. >> first, fire crews fighting the largest wildfire in new mexico state history. more than 10,000 people forced to leave their homes days ago. one of the nation's top nuclear weapons labs evacuated. now, the fire doing serious damage to native american tribal lands. dan springer has been following this story all day. he joins us live from los alamos, new mexico. dan it has been a difficult day out there. >> reporter: yeah, the overall fight continues. 113,000 acres, only 5%
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containment. the battle to save the all important nuclear lab here in los alamos has been won. we got that word today from the lab director in a news conference he said they've transitioned from emergency status to recovery mode. it means 200 firefighters who were protecting the lab can go to a more active section of the fire. lab staff have gotten inside to check for damage. although, because of the strong response, none is expected. >> emery leaves more issues and more fire out there and more people working on this fire. me concern is their safety. i'm relieved for this part of the fire in this fire business, it doesn't stop. >> reporter: lab personnel are helping out by using military technology to get 12,000 evacuated residents real-time information. high resolution pictures taken from a department of energy
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plane allowing a view of the whole fire and neighborhoods. normally used by generals to see a battlefield residents can zoom in on their home and make sure it is okay. one area where there is concern is the santa clara indian reservation. no homes threatened, 6,000 acres have burned, killing animals and plants that tribal members rely on. after the last major fire in that reservation area, the tribe planted 1.5 million tree seed licenses, it is believed that all those -- tree seedlings, it is believed that all those were destroyed. >> thank you. >> will the weather help crews battling this massive fire? maria molina is live with more. >> we are fortunately starting to see a shift in the weather pattern. we are headed into something called the north american monsoon season. what that means for the
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southwest is an increase in moisture and precipitation. showers and thunderstorms are firing up now. are in the forecast over the next several days. the showers and storms will be isolated. there's also still dry air in place. what happens with some of these thunderstorms, as water begins to fall, it evaporates before reaching the ground. you don't get much relief there. you have lightning with these storms which lightning could spark up new wildfires. as far as the winds, those are relatively calm, good news. we don't think the wind will help spread the wildfire, temperatures in the mid 80s. forecast for the next several days, isolated thunderstorm. something else to keep in mind, there's a lot of smoke with this wildfire. air quality alert in place for north central mexico and will continue over the next several days as that smoke continues to spread into these neighborhoods. you can see showers and thunderstorms across the region. most to the north and east of
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the wildfire. we are looking at a flood concern now because some of these storms are producing heavy downpours. that's away from the wildfire so not bringing much relief to that one area. as far as air quality north central mexico, los alamos area and white rock community this will impact sensitive groups. people with asthma, lung or heart disease and children. those groups need to keep in mind if you head outdoors and see heavy smoke present you need to limit those outdoor activities. >> thanks maria moline >> faa and air traffic controllers union taking aim at a major problem. agreeing on new rules designed to fight worker fatigue. after several incidents in recent months of tower workers sleeping on-the-job. molly henneberg is live to tell us more about these details. what policies have been changed?
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>> reporter: for one thing if an air traffic controller is scheduled to work but too fatigued, he or she can call in and use vacation or sick time to take the day off. controllers working the overnight shift and traffic is light, they can listen to the radio or read in order to stay active and help them stay awake. these new measures have been in development for a couple of years but are particularly important now. after the faa acknowledged seven incidents of controllers falling asleep, since april. faa administrator babbitt said of the new policies: >> reporter: the faa had mandated earlier this year that all controllers get a minimum of nine hours after between shifts. that an increase of hour. to try to prevent sleepy
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workers. >> you can understand why. it does help to get a good night's rest. more rule changes may be coming, is that right? >> reporter: yes. the faa and union still working on new proceeders in a couple of areas, scheduling, sleep apnea and fatigue risk management system. faa says within the next 14 months it will have new work schedule principles ready aimed at haifa teague schedules to help controllers stay alert. it is working to change its procedures regarding the sleep disorder sleep apnea. the change would allow controllers to come back to work after they've got ten treatment. the faa is developing a process to collect and study data related to sleep and schedules and work intensity to develop a fatigue risk management system by next january. >> thanks molly. >> president obama drawing a big line in the sand today. delivering a fiery weekly address repeating challenge to
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republicans to act -- to accept higher taxes on the wealthy. peter doocy reports from washington. >> reporter: today is july 2nd. the administration says the debt limit will be reached august 2nd. president obama says to tackle our massive national deficit, tax breaks must be targeted with wasteful spending but nothing is off the table. and it is time the government stars living within its means like families do. >> the president: it would be nice if we could keep every tax break, but we can't afford them. if we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits, without our help, then we'll have to make deeper cuts somewhere else. >> reporter: the president says anything is possible. most republicans are probably going to disagrees. they will not get behind any tax hike. in the weekly gop address
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senator coats from indiana says the president should do what indiana's governor did, cut taxes, lower spending a pay down the debt. then everything will get better. >> president and democrats in congress must recognize that their game is not working. it is time to acknowledge that more government and higher taxes is not the answer to our problem. it is time for bold action and a new plan to address our current crisis. >> reporter: the american spirit was the theme in both addresses. senator coats says he hopes things turn around so he's not part of the first generation to leave behind a country worse than the one they inherited. >> peter doocy reporting from washington. >> republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann is training or taking her 2012 campaign on the road. kicking off her tea party bus
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tour of iowa this holiday weekend. along the way, she is meeting and greeting supporters and attending 4th of july activities. michelle bachmann announcing she is running for president. we are learning quite a bit about her campaign as she moves forward. meantime, we are learning more about the woman at the center of the rape allegations against former imf chief dominique strauss-khan. in a letter stent to his attorneys prosecutors laying out some of the alleged victim's false statements. including lying on her application for political asylum. admitting to making false statements about an alleged gang rape in her native guinea and lying to the grand jury about her actions immediately following the alleged dominique strauss-khan sexual assault in may. the prosecutor is writing:
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>> prosecutors have not yet completed their investigation of this case. a certain warning from the u.s. to gadhafi. secretary of state clinton says the libyan leaders threats will not deter the mission in libya. >> nato has begun ramping up airstrikes in western rebels in that region claim they are making a string of advances -- of advances against gadhafi's forces. leland vittert streaming live with the latest. >> reporter: the frontline is about 35 miles from where i am right now. that's about 80 miles from tripoli. while the nato airstrikes continue to pound gadhafi's military targets, the rebels still appear to not either have military discipline or hardware needed to make those
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advances. here inside this besieged city folks are taking stock there. is now a deadly silence on what was misrata's main drag. as people walk through the rubble, survey the damage and see what little is left. >> we went out one half month and come back to see our houses, destroyed and stolen, all things are stolen. >> reporter: in the shadow of collapsed buildings crews work to pull new telephone cables and repair the destroyed infrastructure. these buildings can be repaired what can never be replaced are those who died. this is the shrine of the first three people killed. you can see the artillery shells that are being used as vases for the flowers. inside this old grocery store, we have pictures of every person who died or is missing right now in this .
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many of whom are children. -- in this battle. many of whom are children >> when we speak about this problem, we cannot find a way to describe this. our neighbors, friends, our family. >> reporter: most nights about this time, sometimes a couple of hours from now, you will see the grad rockets from the gadhafi line on the eastern part of the city, land about six kilometers from where i'm standing. so far that has not happen tonight. but it is very clear this city is not only under seen, but its civilians are under an -- under siege, but its civilians are under attack by gadhafi's forces as they try to retake it. also, tensions mounting in the middle east after greek forces arrested the u.s. captain of a propalestinian aid ship friday. that ship was part of an international flotilla, attempting to challenge
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israel's naval blockade of the gaza strip. >> reporter: turkey is usually quick to criticize israel. a turkish newspaper reporting that a police investigation debunks the claim the ship was unintentionally sabotaged by israel. greek s says the ships were prohibited from leaving the greek port. one of the ships set sail friday interseptembered by greek coast guard. organizers trying to challenge israel less naval blockade of gaza. >> we are not here to hurt anybody. >> we would never hurt anyone. we are nonviolent people that just want to go to gaza. >> reporter: flotilla organizers an alleged ships have been intentionally damaged by israel. turkish officials say that is not true. activists claim the engine of the irish ship docked in turkey was damaged in a way that would cause the ship to
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sink. another ship's propeller found broken in greece. last year israeli commandoes intercepted a flotilla headed to gaza. the organizers of the flotilla say they will try again next week. in gaza, the leaders of hamas blame the greek authorities for not allowing some of the ships to go through, saying it say violation of international law. wall street is way up. posted its best week in two years. while main street is being left in the dust. are we looking at a double dip recession? >> a lot of people asking that question we are gearing up for closing arguments in the casey anthony murder. what can we expect as this dramatic case draws to a close? judge jeanine pirro weighs in, next. >> there has yet to be any evidence, in this case, as to
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here's headlines we are following: harsh words from -- for gadhafi from secretary ever state clinton. saying gadhafi should be helping his own people instead of issuing threats to europe. >> three dead, another 40 -- [ inaudible ] >> giving up the grill this holiday weekend. volunteers are spending their time helping tornado victims in joplin, missouri.
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>> the dow posting its best week in two years on friday. closing up more than 5% on cheaper fuel prices. at a surprising jump in manufacturing. unemployment is hoovering just over 9%. even -- hovering over just 9%. even the white house admits the risk of double recession still a reality. why the disconnect between wall street and main street? joining me a regular on fox's cashin' in jonathan good to see you. let's talk about the economy and what is happening on wall street. what this huge disconnect between wall street and main street? main street is still suffering. when they see wall street going up higher, their first reaction is does that mean more jobs are going to be created? >> don't fall into that trap of believing that somehow main
6:21 pm
street is different than wall street. wall street is main street. when wall street does better it benefits literally millions who work for publicly traded companies who own stock in their 401(k). don't believe what i happen to think is a slur that only a rise in wall street helps the wall street fat cats. why the stock is up? a number of reasons. a drop in fuel prices. resolution in greece. some movement in the terrible tragedy we saw in japan. there was a number of factors over the last three, four months that has kept trillions on the sidelines. last week we started to see some of that move back into the market. there's also the real domestic issue that the fed is stopping to essentially perform what is qual qe 2, buying up treasury bonds, sending inflation higher. people saying i would remember own ibm than a u.s. government bond. >> you said wall street is main street. there are some people out
6:22 pm
there without jobs looking at it and saying i don't have a 401(k). and i certainly don't have money to put into stocks. just give me a . then maybe i can talk -- give me a job. then maybe i can talk about stocks. >> reason we haven't seen jobs created despite the hundreds of millions spent in creating because of that government stimulus. the private economy creates jobs itch the great employers of our age, -- wal-mart, apple, ibm. they didn't need a federal stimulus. they didn't need 800 billions to achieve their level of productivity. they were able to do it by competing in a premarket. we've seen the opposite from this government. more taxes, more regulation. more barriers that make i difficult to hire folks. >> i hear you loud and clear. if that's the case. if wal-mart, of course was able to hire people on its own, why aren't companies that
6:23 pm
invest heavily in wall street doing their thing in terms of manufacturing and raising their economy, and getting some of that bailout, why aren't they turning around and giving back to their country by hiring people? >> for one thing, they are, but to my point they are not doing it here in the united states. look at singapore, unemployment rate about 2%. we are seeing a lot of jobs and on wall street left here, because of the environment, i described, and being shipped overseas. i don't lay the blame of a 9% unemployment rate on wall street, i blame it on washington. they've been interfering so severely. japan has had no less than six stimulus perhaps, infrastructure, stimulus programs, sound familiar? over the last decade all it has done is run up a massive debt hasn't created jobs or growth in that country. >> i hear you loud and clear. former white house aide larry summers said wednesday, the
6:24 pm
economy is not growing as rapidly as i had hoped. it is slower than i and other observers had expected. he's basically saying over the next few years it may be slow growth. but it is certainly going to take place. do you buy into his confidence? >> well, that slow growth kelly will be the justification, mark my words, set your tivos for more government spending everyone the government is going to use this excuse, no jobs, slow growth for more make work projects. all it does is pick the money out of hands of the real job creators, those who actually hire someone. as the government puts financial burdens in their way. >> jonathan, always good to talk to you, happy 4th of july to you. >> thanks kelly, you too. >> all right. government regulation. new world bank survey say the u.s. is falling behind other key industrial nations. what can the u.s. do to level the playing field?
6:25 pm
part of our ongoing series, ten ways to save the economy. james rosen has this report from washington. >> every minute of everyday of every year we are locked in mortal struggle many fierce battle over the disposition of scarce resources and pressure capital that pits us against 200 other nations around the world. >> no question today that almost every business is global. the whole question about outsourcing is where is the best business environment? >> america finds herself in competition with those nations known as the brick countries. brazil, russia, india and china. india and china have over the last five years ranked among the top 40 most improved in terms of easing the regulatory burden they impose on their own business classes. >> they embarked on a program of deregulation but still have a lot left. i suspect they will continue to be on a deregulatory track. >> in 2010 and for the fifth consecutive year the world bank's annual doing business
6:26 pm
survey, which ranks 1 -- 183 economies found singapore to be the friendlyiest regulatory environment followed by hong kong, new zealand, the united kingdom, then the united states. this fifth place ranking represents a decline for the u.s. which placed third in 2009. trend has seen 85% of the world's economies over the last five years take steps to make it easier for entrepreneurs to operate. last year 61 countries fared better than the u.s. in terms of tack burr >> the regulatory burden that the -- the united states imposes on is business class where do we fall? >> if you had asked me this 10 years ago i would have told you america is the place to start a business. it is not true any more today. we know that the heavier the regulation, in particular on products that made the market, the more it reduces economic
6:27 pm
growth. >> some regulations like child labor laws remain vital. economists agree for america to compete, regulations should themselves be tightly regulated tailoed to address problems and made to go away when the problems do. >> james rosen, thank you. -- after weeks of heart wrenching testimony the casey anthony murder trial has come to this. closing attorney generalments are now set to begin first thing tomorrow morning. what can we spoke? judge jeanine pirro lends her expert insight, next. >> it going to be a long, hot summer for all those kids in america's big cities. a national trend leaving our kids behind, just ahead. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class.
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bracing for a hot, dry weekend as they battle the biggest wildfire in that state's history. the now 177 square mile blaze have forced thousands from their homes. >> in atlanta, thousands have gathered at the state capital building to protest the new immigration law. opponents say it creates an unwelcome environment for people of color. >> great britain's prince william and kate are now in quebec. the third day of their planned nine day journey across canada. the newlyweds were greeted today by a small group of separatists. the dramatic murder trial of casey anthony is there'sing an end. jurors expected to begin deliberations and work through the july 4th holiday. >> reporter: closing arguments in the case begins sunday. the final day in a trial that has captivated the nation.
6:32 pm
what be began as a missing child search has grown into a 24 hour soap opera. >> it is about sex lies and videotape. >> reporter: as the defense rested the judge explained to casey her rights to testify. >> you understand that your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> and it is your decision not to testify? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: in the prosecution's rebuttal a state witness said cindy anthony was at work not at home when someone used casey's computer to search for the word color -- chloroform. . >> >> do the business works of gentiva show that the user was entering information into the patient record? >> yes, that's correct.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: after closing arguments, judge perry will give the jury final instructions before deliberations begin. determined to keep the trial moving and warns the jury is growing tired of the delays. >> remember y'all can take as much time as you want. but you got jurors back there. and they have been sequestered. >> reporter: jurors are expected to begin deliberations as early as sunday afternoon and work through the july 4th holiday. jessica stone, fox news. what can we expect from the prosecution and the defense in their closing arguments? >> joining us judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being withs -- here with us. when they've said they don't feel like they've seen the prosecution hit it home the way they thought. >> interesting to hear you say that. this is a circumstantial evidence case there. are no eyewitnesses, there's
6:34 pm
no confession. there's no videotape of the crime. what you've got to have is a jury that is going to look at every piece and link it together this is what the prosecution going to do tomorrow. they are going to say piece, by piece, this proves that casey anthony is reonsible for the death. there is no real smoking gun. when you link the chain together, it will become so strong that it will be undeniable that her guilt has been made apparent by the prosecution. >> based on that, do you think casey anthony made a mistake in not testifying on her behalf or what that have made it worse for her in the eyes of the jurors? >> let me tell you something, this woman has lied since we first heard about her. she a pathological liar, everyone admits. i don't think she has been introduced to the truth. interesting she talks about from the fact there was this nanny. the fact she worked at universal. she had the gall to take the
6:35 pm
cops to universal. it is lunacy. doesn't rise to the level of insanity. i think it is just about evil. but that's just me. >> what point do you think they are going to focus on leading into the closing arguments? >> i think they are going to hit on dr. g's testimony. she was the medical examiner who said, look i've categorized this as a homicide. i have no cause of death. you know why? because that baby was so decomposed we had no tissue, no nothing. should the defendant be able to been fit from the fact that she waited so long to even admit to anyone that little caylee wasn't around? dr. g says you don't throw away a baby if there was an accident in the pool. you don't put duct tape near a child and you don't not report a drowning. all this hogwash about drowning is just that. there was no evidence of it. the defense comes out and say this was a drowning and this was a girl who doesn't talk
6:36 pm
because her father molested her everyday before she went to school. they had the father on the stand. is it true you molested your daughter? no. next question. lunacy. >> you have been a prosecutor in the past, you have prosecuted so many cases. when you look at this kind of case. when this guess to the jury, after the judge's charge, what do you -- when this goes to the jury, the judge's charge, what do you think will be first and foremost on their mind? >> i've tried many homicides as a prosecutor and judge. child abuse homicides in particular are difficult, because people don't wanna believe that a mother is capable of killing her own child. in that sense, that jury goes in and she has the benefit of the doubt, at -- as the law requires. as they put it together. they will see wait a minute she was the last person with this child. the smell of death was in her trunk. she lied about everything. she was partying and tattooing
6:37 pm
and you know what else. at the end of the day she doesn't report it. then she gets a tattoo that says, "beautiful life." this jury is going to take every piece and say, the defense hasn't told us anything. mind you guys, they have no obligation. the fact she didn't take the stand cannot be used against many her. she was then away like garbage? who did it? the boogie man didn't do it. all the evidence i believe points to the defendant. that's how the prosecution is going to play it tomorrow. >> also, you look at the fact that after this supposedly happen she was out having a having a good time. even if she didn't do it, i would think when a jury sees something like that they are going you know even if we can't prove she did it -- >> such a great question. enter the grief expert. the defense brought in a grief expert as if you and i aren't capable of assessing whether or not someone is truly
6:38 pm
grieving. the expert says, virtually every kind of behavior is consistent with grief. i was ridiculous. i watched that jury. i watched them as she tried to testify that she knew better than anyone because she is experienced, what grief is like. for some women you don't get out of bed, for others you go out and party. i don't think so. we'll see what the jury thinks. they were very focused, this jury and the judge is right, they've spent the last eight, seven weeks of their lives sequestered. they will be very, very clear on the law, the evidence and their analysis. and the judge, by the way, was great. >> we'll be covering all of this again tomorrow when the closing arguments take place what will you be dealing with tonight on your program? >> tonight we are going to be talking about an insider inside the anthony home. what they saw. how they ed with each other. and that suicide note. there -- there was a message for casey in that note. we talk about it tonight at 9:00. >> judge belvin, did he leave
6:39 pm
any room or any door open for an appeal? >> i'll tell you, i've been a judge, prosecutor, district attorney, that record is so , i can't believe it. he is -- so clean, i can't believe it many he is one smart judge. >> judge jeanine, thank you. tune in tonight for a special edition of justice with judge jeanine around 9 p.m. eastern. tomorrow at 8 p.m. eastern only here on the fox news channel. >> always good to see you judge. many youngsters in cities across the nation could be facing a hot, boring summer. severe budget shortfalls are forcing city leaders to shutdown a number of summer programs design today to keep children at play and out of trouble. david lee miller joins us live with news that is likely to leave a lot of parents hot under the collar. >> reporter: indeed this is a serious problem underscored by a survey by the national league of cities, which said
6:40 pm
revenue and spending cuts are worse than they've been in the last 25 years. that isp}q now causing severe problems with summer programs throughout the country. let's talk about new york city. here a number of swimming pools, four, had to be closed because there isn't enough money to go around. additionally, youth ememployment program had its budget slashed by 15 million dollars that translates into 10,000 fewer spots for kids. in washington, d.c., 17 million cut from summer programs that means about 15,000 kids there are going to have to go without organized activities this summer. one group in the nation's capital says funding went from 120,000 last year to zero this year in cash strapped detroit, summer program that once served 7500 kids can now accommodate only 1200. as you said, the bottom line kelly, for many kids this summer is going to amount to a break from school, but indeed,
6:41 pm
a very, very boring one. >> we talked about earlier in the day. we discussed how bad the cuts are and how much of an impact this can have on the children. is anyone stepping in to help? >> reporter: private donations are offering some help. specifically in the city of houston, texas. donations from oil companies there have allowed pools to stay open and recreational centers to remain open. if here in new york a number of other companies pitching in, providing not just money, but jobs. giving some relief for a youth employment program that was hit. a spokesman for youth programs in new york city has said the private donations, while offering some relief are not going to provide enough assistant. -- enough assistant. the federal government is going to have to do more. >> we've soon a lot of
6:42 pm
creativity over the -- we've soon a lot of the creativity over the past few years. it is not realistic that there are other dollars out there that can keep, keeping -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: if you think year is going to be bad, many of the experts say that unless the economy improves next year for kids, it is going to be even worse. >> david lee miller with a fair warning. thank you very much. the field of presidential hopefuls will get more crowded. who is expected to throw his hat in the ring, a short time from now. [ waves crashing ]
6:43 pm
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[ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. in a short time from now the republican field is expected to begin a new member. michigan congressman thaddeus mccotter filed his papers yesterday. he's due to formally announce tonight. what if anything will this five term lawmaker bring to the race and what qualifications might make him stand out from the others? let's ask don goldberg along with matt schlapp. thank you both for joining us. one thing that you can say about mccotter is, not what many would consider a
6:46 pm
conventional politician, plays the guitar, laid back. when he wants to make himself known he's a loud guy. what matt, do you think he brings to the table that some of the other candidates do not? >> he's just another one of these republican candidates who are looking at this field and saying, why shouldn't i join as well? it is like dinner bell time for republicans. you have all these nontraditional candidates jumping in the field. the last time a member of the house of representatives was elected to the presidency was in the 1880s. and so this is quite a long shot. but by the same token, what does he have to lose? he's a man of ideas, smart guy. he's going to bring his ideas to the take. and if he is not successful to get the nomination, i think it will be a net positive for him. >> everyone is so concerned about the economy right now. mccotter is listing social security reform with restructuring the banking
6:47 pm
system. social security reform is one of his issues. do you think this is going to end up hurting him? when you start talking about cutting social security people get upset? >> he's a very engaging and compelling guy, good sense of humor, good presence. my guess he's trying to make a couple points to get himself known for future ambitions. i think putting social security on the table is daring. but it will elevate his profile that can be helpful for him down the road. >> want to talk about a fox news poll. romney leading at about 18%. rick perry not announced, 13%. not far behind him michelle bachmann. it seems like they are all pretty close right now. matt, what do you think that means for mccotter? does that help him? >> i think you have to look at these early polls with a degree of curiosity. they don't really tell us that much. it is a name.
6:48 pm
game now. romney lead -- it is a name id game now. romney leads because he ran across the country for the nomination last time. some of the other candidates like bachmann, santorum, less well-known. one of the interesting things about this field for the republicans is that it is truly anybody's race right now. one of these candidates that we would consider almost a tier two candidate could catch fire. anything could happen with the interesting political times in which we live. >> don, polls show that president obama a generic republican, he comes out winning. put him a specific time and not so much. do you think this is something -- is this the type of candidate that will maybe scare the democrats a little bit? somebody that can be -- is he somebody that can be considered a serious contender? >> i think the white house welcomes his entry because it
6:49 pm
shows the field is wide open. it shows that the organization and money is still being split up. more damaging to the republicans is when you have these new candidates whose platforms have been very much with -- it forces everybody to go further right until they have to pivot back if they are going to be in the general. it hems them into positions they probably done want to get too locked into. >> as we are speaking we are showing michelle bachmann live in des moines now shaking hands and talking to potential voters. they are getting out there. one thing that everyone wonders about, is a candidate like mccotter going to be able to garner the support of key lawmakers that can give him that new jersey and get him up in the polls? >> -- that nudge and get him up in the polls? >> as far as big donors, within the republican community, wide open.
6:50 pm
when we have additional candidates come in who aren't seen as top tier candidates, i think it helps romney. one that all of these republicans know in their head, president obama is at 45% in his approval ratings. and the economy is still lagging with unemployment over 9%. why wouldn't you want to run for president if you are a republican. >> thank you matt slap and don goldberg. >> thank you. -- matt schlapp and don goldberg, thank you. >> thank you. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
6:51 pm
really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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it is 4th of july weekend. time for a road trip. first you need an american-made car. consumer reports compiling a list from the big thr automakers. >> they a step further finding the best 4th of july deals to save you hard earned cash. joining us mike quincy.
6:54 pm
thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> it is the 4th of july, big weekend, america, america, fireworks. what about getting firepower in the car and your savings? >> there's a number of models out there. consumer reports has never said just buy american. we always said buy the best car you can for the money, the best value, best reliability, best safety. we have a list of intriguing american branded products. >> let's start off with the chef ray avalanche. which has a -- chevrolet avalanche, suggested retail price ofs did 42,000. >> it has great cargo carrying, a comfortable interior. much more civilized than you would think , it is an easy truck to live with. again, it does very well in consumer reports test. >> everybody here in america loves their trucks. gas prices are still high.
6:55 pm
the avalanche is one of the top vehicles so is the dodge ram 1500, when you talk about gas prices that might square people. >> both get 14 miles per gallon in consumer reports testify. what we like about the ram, it did well in tests, average or better reliability hasn't failed any crash tests. the ram has a civilized ride. excellent cargo carrying. wonderful smooth powerful v8 can great dual exhaust system that is intoxicating this is the one chrysler product that consumer reports recommends. >> you see that detroit is coming back. let's take about the ford flex which has come back really big. ford doing a great job in the market. >> ford certainly is the success story of detroit. what we like about the flex it combines the versatility of an suv but driveability of a wagon. you can get a twin turbo v6
6:56 pm
for the sports car lover in you that is not going to sacrifice fuel economy, still get 17 miles per gallon the same -- the flex is a great family vehicle. >> ford mustang wasn't a surprise to me. [ talking over each other ] >> how can you not like the mustang. the best thing is every year ford finds a way time prove it. the 402 horsepower gp that we ran through our tests, great acceleration, excellent handling, duffle exhaust system, still 22 miles per gallon. during the heyday of muscle cars who -- >> one more car, forward fusion. >> the fusion was the four cylinder, hybrid model got 34 miles per gallon or the sporty v6 has a lot going for it,
6:57 pm
some of the best reliability of any sedan of any manufacturer. compared to toyota honda, subaru. what we like about the fusion comparable, great reliability. >> mike quincy, specialist for consumer reports, thanks for joining us. happy 4th of july. >> thank you. >> that's it for us. >> stay tuned for fox report next. from all of us to all of you, from all of us to all of you, have a wonderful 4th of july. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ yes! ha ha!
6:58 pm
♪ [ clicking ] dad, what happened? power went out, want a hot dog? [ female announcer ] oscar mayer selects are made with 100% pure beef and have no artificial preservatives. they're a great way to re-connect with your family. dad, how come the nelsons' lights are on? ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪
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